Hassle-free and affordable business solutions in Abu Dhabi Mainland. The jurisdiction offers countless benefits for LLCs and all other types of companies.

Apart from 100% ownership, commercials licenses are for two years, stress-free renewals that save annual costs, and our easy instalment plans make company setup in Abu Dhabi more efficient.

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Benefits of setting up in Mainland Abu Dhabi

  • Mainland Company in Abu Dhabi is exempted from corporate and personal tax
  • Hundred Percent Foreign Ownership in Abu Dhabi Mainland
  • Ability to trade anywhere in the UAE. A Mainland company allows you to trade directly with the consumers anywhere in the UAE market
  • No Compulsion of Minimum Capital for a Mainland Company formation
  • Ability to trade internationally and expand your presence
  • Low import duty
  • There is no necessity of minimum capital for the formation of the Mainland Company
  • Hassle-free recruitment process with no limit on employment visa
  • No annual audits
  • Availability of office spaces with affordable and flexible rental and lease plans
  • Ease of getting accessible space with flexible rent or lease for office anywhere
  • There is no currency regulation for mainland business
  • Mainland companies can conduct their business with other mainland companies in Dubai or UAE. They have the flexibility to do their business in any part of the UAE
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits are possible
  • The registration process for mainland companies is simple and hassle-free. Also, there is no yearly audit requirement
  • Mainland companies are permitted to take on governmental work, unlike free zone companies which are prohibited from undertaking government contracts and are only allowed to carry out private commercial work.

New UAE Companies Law Investing In Mainland UAE with 100% foreign investment ownership

An ‘Onshore’ Limited Liability Company (LLC) established pursuant to the new UAE Companies Law now permits foreign investors to hold up to 100% of the legal interest in such LLCs incorporated ‘onshore’. The new UAE Companies Law (comprising amendments to the UAE Commercial Companies Law No. 2 of 2015) removes the specific requirement that a minimum of 51% of the shareholding in onshore entities be held by UAE nationals (cancelling the old FDI positive list in place since 2018). Abu Dhabi released a list of specific 1,105 commercial and industrial business activities allowing 100% foreign investor ownership. Activities deemed of ‘strategic impact’ (such as banking and finance, utilities and telecom) will continue to be excluded from 100% foreign ownership

Launched in 2011, Takamul is a UAE innovation program to support inventors and promote innovation across the country. Takamul focuses on making UAE one of the most innovative countries in the world by promoting the innovation cycle, from the generation of ideas to the practical implementation of these ideas that support the country economically and socially.

The program support inventors from di erent categories and level, including individuals and corporates. Since its first launch, Takamul achieves an annual increasing number of registered patents, and spreads awareness on key aspects of innovation, particularly the legal aspects that protect the inventors’ Intellectual Property. In addition, TAKAMUL as part of the Competitiveness Oce of Abu Dhabi (COAD), involves creating and managing an outreach program to attract, evaluate and manage applications of the innovation services in DED through conducting info sessions, meetings, and participating in events and conferences. Takamul has supported 50 startups in their application process.

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The Abu Dhabi Business Center (ADBC) was established in March 2013 to o er an e ective and smart point of contact with governmental establishment, allowing investors and businessmen to obtain all approvals and services related to economic licensing. ADBC works in coordination with all relevant authorities to o er smart, time-saving, and cost-e ective procedures for granting licenses for economic activities. It has established and operates a world-class organisation that delivers the full range of business facilitation services to clients in an ecient manner, facilitating clients' access to information and providing practical support across the business cycle.

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The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) was established to develop and regulate the manufacturing sector in Abu Dhabi. The roles and responsibilities of the IDB include developing the overall Emirate manufacturing strategy and follow up on its implementation; developing policies for the manufacturing sector based on best practices; ensuring a competitive manufacturing environment in the emirate; issuing and renewing licenses allowing the industrial facility to operate in the emirate

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The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi (AD DED) has the vision to achieve a sustainable, balanced, and diversified knowledge-based economy as part of the Emirate’s economic agenda. Its mission is to be a stakeholders-focused organisation that is capable of enabling sustainable economic development in Abu Dhabi, encouraging competitiveness and ensuring the welfare of Abu Dhabi’s community.

Creative Zone makes business setup in Abu Dhabi straightforward and easy by simplifying the incorporation processes. By setting up your DED company in Abu Dhabi, you can take advantage of being located in the UAE capital with ultimate access to major seaports and international airports.