Set up Abu Dhabi's logistics partner, DHL, is one of the most well-known and dependable international logistics companies. And its diverse business units offer an unrivalled portfolio of logistics products and solutions ranging from domestic and international parcel delivery to international express, road, air and ocean freight to end-to-end supply chain management.

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Global Forwarding



Supply Chain


Fast services | Wide Reach | Reliable transit time
IT Integration | 24X7 customer service
Insurance and Value Protection | Professionally trained delivery agents
Notifications for your shipment status

DHL is making headways in accelerating data-driven logistics by integrating Internet of things (IoT) into the logistical networks enhancing connectivity, and actively participating in self-steering, event-driven logistics processes. With the recent breakthroughs in the development of low-cost IoT networks and continually falling sensor prices have enabled large-scale IoT deployments in logistics. Furthermore, early adopters will have exciting opportunities to develop new, IoT-based business models