Our employment partner Bloovo is an innovative and fast-growing algorithmic online recruitment platform that adopts data science in the recruitment process.

The portal solves the widely prevalent problem of job mismatch, especially in SMEs and Startups with Bloovo's Smart Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled portal, which will help Creative Zone create a more coherent ecosystem between newly launched companies and talents.

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key features

  • 1

    Instant matching of jobs with applicants leveraging machine learning smart algorithms

  • 2

    Scheduling and conducting virtual interviews with customised interview evaluation forms

  • 3

    Tracking the application progress through virtual communication with candidates

  • 4

    Automated hiring process, all the way from posting jobs to onboarding and hiring

  • 5

    Automated offer letter generation with approval workflow

  • 6

    Data-rich dashboards reflecting recruitment activity, time-to-hire, and cost-per-hire metrics in addition to many other valuable insights

AED 1,750/ month


  • Get Instant access to 2 Million CVs across the UAE
  • Post Unlimited job postings and benefit from our AI matching technology
  • Use our AI powered Candidates suggestion technology to accelerate hiring
  • Give your HR team advanced tools to manage and organize the recruitment process through BLOOVO’s applicant tracking features
  • Conduct interviews remotely using our video interviews technology

Challenge the status-quo

Before Bloovo started, a classical way of hiring existed leading recruiters to miss out great talent – too much of a messy process. Bloovo disrupted the modus operandi by adopting artificial intelligence in the recruitment matching game and implemented AI and machine learning algorithms to match candidates to jobs on-the-fly leading to a more efficient hiring process.

Learnt from clients and shared the collective learning

Bloovo never stopped learning from the experiences of their clients, it listened to them, lived their challenges, and helped in further upgrading the solutions to match the clients’ needs leading to a more efficient process and impressive recruitment process automation.

Never stop the innovation cycle

The company thinks ahead to always come up with more market-driven innovative HR solutions in a time of speed-of light technological changes. If you check with Bloovo, they have something new all the time, always with one thing in their minds; to remove all possible operational challenges through latest technologies!