Creative Zone and Lead Ventures initiative Scale 971, aims to assist in fast-tracking the growth of businesses in the UAE and MENA region with strategic business development support and areas such as setup, launch, partnerships with the private and public sectors, legal advice, relocation and human resource requirements.

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Business Formation

Business Development Consultation

Executive Outsourcing

Our Packages

Standard Package

The package has a trial period during which both parties can align on mutually agreed goals with a complete strategic plan for the first three months. This approach will especially assist foreign investors in testing the waters of the UAE market before officially launching.

It will also help them tailor their product/service scope for having the right approach to doing business in the UAE.

Premium Package

This one is more suitable for established businesses to expand further in the UAE market and falls directly under the guidance of Royal Partner of Dubai Royal Family Member.

Businesses choosing this package will get a chance to grow their business under his guidance and leverage the association that comes with it.

Lead Ventures envision building an ecosystem of key players who will penetrate the local market and reach desired aspirations in no time. Lead Ventures have kept their professional standards to the highest of levels, by collaborating with Strategic Investors, Advisory board, Government and Public entities.

We live in a modern world where your network is your net worth, hence, building that fine line of bridging connection between the right people, can be the crucial part to the puzzle.